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  1. It’s funny, this photo seems like it’s telling us that what you look like isn’t ok so go by a new you…kind of gave me a bit of inspiration for a piece I’m trying to write

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  2. There are so many interesting elements in this image that my eyes move throughout the frame, pairing items, jumping from point to contrast point, and trying to pull the whole together. This is the sort of thing I would love to have hanging on my wall.

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  3. Your pictures talk about a strange and distant city, yet no so distant. Maybe they are doors, or windows, but that is too easy. Hmmm. Let inspiration come… 😉

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      • Thank you. I did enjoy it. Spent a month in Paris, including a 3-day flash trip to London. 🙂 Will have to include germany next time. But now I have just come back home on Sunday. (Tears!)

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      • Paris is absolutely great. I’ve been there many years ago and I loved it. I remember the small cafés with close seating and delicious food. I remember the coffee with a croissant in the morning. I remember the big markets and the Hardrock café in the Boulevard Haussmann (I don’t know if it is still there)….

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      • Yes, the small cafés are a delight. Even with grumpy Parisian waiters. 😉 Don’t know about the Hardrock. I just realize I didn’t go to the Opera (vicinity) this year. Darn! 🙂

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