60 Gedanken zu “Sound of Silence.

  1. Wow. You, my dear are getting better and better everyday. 🙂 (I hope flattery will get me ice cream?) 😉 Every post of you I see makes me think that there may be a story behind your images… I just need some time to look at a succession of your images. 🙂 Maybe in September… Hoping you are all right. I heard about the other mad man with an axe on a german train. That after 14th of July in Nice… 😦

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    • Yes, actually we have too many scare stories here….and people are most concerned about what happens in Turkey…we will see. It remains exciting. I have a new recipe for icecream. With chocolate and some high caloric ingredients! 😀

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  2. Considering the attacks in our terrorized world and the cries of physical pain and emotional anguish going unheard… it’s good to know that “He” finally got hold of an ear trumpet. Let’s pray that it works…


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