64 Gedanken zu “Future 1960.

      • Most of the stuff in my house will soon be „collectors‘ items“. 😉 We’ve accumulated too much „art“ over the years, and now are faced with having to pack them carefully as we will move tour new house in September… (I’ve already packed half my books) 😉


      • A relocation is always a big effort…. and sometimes surprising to have a look through all the stuff in the old boxes…I just remember…. 😀

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      • Meine liebe freundin, do tell me you are all right, you, and your family and friends… (Though by experience those who fall to hapless killing somehow become relation…) Bist du gut?


      • Hi Brian…..thank you so much!! Me and my family and friends are all right. It was a terrible evening yesterday here in Munich. Speechless.

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      • Thank you very much for your request! The streets in the city are very calm today. The people are shocked. It’s a totally new experience for our peaceful lively town.

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      • Yes I can imagine. Not many people are still here to remember the war, but i am afraid we are back in it. Did you hear about the prist murdered in his church in France?


      • It is. Add to that the cowardice of killing an 80 year-old man (priest). I hope the shock will finally push our politicians to do something. Meanwhile, you take care my friend, you and your family. Tschuss. Brian


    • Haha….I hope he has not too much of any drinks. Do you know that song about the groom drinking too much and falling asleep, so he missed his wedding?! (Lol)

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