170 Gedanken zu “Endings.

  1. This is truly a creative and artistic work. Never in a million years would I think of placing fishes swimming in the sky. Love your work. Bring them on. I’m subscribing to your site right now. Congrats!


  2. My older sister wrote a nonsense song called „Fishes in the Skies“ She used to play the piano and sing it to me when we were kids to make me laugh. This reminds me of that.



  3. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for taking the time to check out my blog! You have some awesome photography here, and I decided to follow you so that I can see more in the future! Will drop by again soon!


  4. The light, the colors, even the industrial earthy part of the landscape is beautiful. I love the perceived freedom of the fish and splashing water, even as having them placed in the sky makes me want to gasp for air.


  5. Vor ein paar Wochen sah ich ein Bild da schwammen bunte Fische durch eine bunte Blumenwiese … das fand ich ähnlich faszinierend, wie deins …
    herzliche Grüße

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    • Das mit der Blumenwiese klingt sehr interessant! Ich wollte schon lange ein Bild mit Fischen machen und freue mich sehr, dass es Dir gefällt! Beste Grüsse zurück, Josephine.

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  6. Totally awesome image. So wild. the „sky horizon“ is so deceptive at first glance, it seems like an odd cloud formation, but then as the eyes adjust and take it all in …. wow! Really fascinating piece/image/ art. Love it. It almost has an Edward Hopper painting feel to it – love the sobriety of it.

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