72 Gedanken zu “The Last Subway.

  1. Hi, Just to let you know that I have now moved to 75artstreet.co.uk if you would still like to keep up with my posts and I will continue to follow you. keep up the excellent work!


  2. Can you tell me more about this play/shot? It reminds me of a new play a former student of mine wrote and produced in New York a few months ago. The play was called „Tracks“. Thank for the help. Have a great new week! 🙂


  3. Roland Penrose, british surrealist, did an interesting oil painting in a similar way, with a woman’s head coming out of the clouds and merging down to a city: Sir Roland Penrose (1900-1984) ‚Seeing is Believing‘ (L’Ile Invisible), 1937 oil on canvas.
    Farley Farm House in Sussex, UK, was the home of the surrealists: Roland Penrose, artist and Lee Miller, photographer. Open every Sunday this year until 30 October 2016. http://www.farleyfarmhouse.co.uk


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