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  1. I like your work and this is my favourite image I think….

    By the way, I am compiling a selection of inspiring photographs for a blog post. The aim is to share some great pictures from blogs that I follow. I’d like to include this one of yours. I will provide full attribution and links both to your HP and the post. You won’t mind will you? Cheers.


  2. My thanks as ever for your kind Likes on the posts shown on my art blog dispenza.wordpress.com – they gave me a chance to discover your blog. Once more many compliments for your beautiful art works – today I like this one. Have a lovely week! Edoardo.


  3. A little Salvador Dali… Things out of place and disjointed. I love compositions that allow you to „rediscover“ little details you may have missed on a first or quick view. Nice direction you have taken here 🙂


  4. I was thinking that maybe the dog has a hunch that the little girl is depressed because her mum works too much and can’t spend time with her… in a dreary post-apocalyptic, nuclear world…


  5. There should be a warning label.
    Do Not View while intoxicated or under the influence of mood-altering drugs.
    My cat flipped out!

    Mesmerizing work…as always!



    • Hi Julie…glad you like it! For this image I used the different tools of photop. The basic of the scene was a photo of a brick wall….the rest was phantasy. You know this….you see anything what reminds you of anything else…then find new ideas….and so far.

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  6. Love this image – so surreal and resonates with me as northerner who was born near chimneys, just like those in the image.


    • This art composition really need some explanation because there is lot of symbolismus. Every figure in the scene has it’s own special destiny and impact….for example, the woman stands for the time running on mercilessly. The child symbolizes the future…the coach stands for the past….the watchdog tries to protect his humans but is freezed in view of the nuclear power….
      There is still room for individual interpretations.


  7. The specter of nuclear power generation makes for one haunting image. I share my feeling of dread with everyone depicted in your digital masterpiece. The woman sweeps up… looking at her watch… wondering how much time remains before we all become enveloped, asphyxiated, irradiated by those not so distant, billowing, toxic clouds. The little girl certainly looks glum… like she, too, is worrying that she and her loved ones… even her teddy bear… will soon be glowing… and it won’t be a healthy glow. The watchdog feels powerless in trying to protect those two human companions against the evils of nuclear power. btw, thanks for liking my blog. I’m new to the WordPress blogging community and hearing from you certainly brightened my day.

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    • Hi…and thank you so much for your interesting and thoughtful comment!! I’m very delighted by your image interpretation. You really have a talent for writing! 🙂


      • Hello… you’re welcome. Thank you for all your kind words. So, where do you draw your inspiration? Dreams? Events in the news? Or… perhaps it’s best not to overanalyze and just keep on enjoying your creative process. Thanks for following my blog… I’ll be following yours, too.


      • Thank you…and yes, inspiration comes from travels, events, people, buildings etc. There are numerous ways… 🙂


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