44 Gedanken zu “The Story.

  1. It looks like they’re all waiting for something even though they think they’re just going on with their lives… Großartig!


  2. Is it the title? Is it the gathering? Is it the colours? I dunno, but it’s a great result.
    (Wonder what the bl..dy story was, mind you…:)
    Be good


    • Thank you Brian…I found the scene so interesting because every one of these people seems to be busy with his/her own thoughts…every one seemed to me like an island. That’s why I made that photo. 🙂

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      • Every man/woman is an island. Tends to happen a lot in Europe, especially in public gatherings or transportation. No-one looks at no-one. Privacy I guess.
        The key is to capture that very moment. Sehr gut, Joséphine. 🙂


  3. Amazing! I found myself trying to look at every single person, their expressions and reactions.


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