113 Gedanken zu “Ipswich calling.

  1. Once again, your limitless imagination and creativity has sparked mine. The phone rings… you have placed that call to all who admire your work. Did we hear your message correctly? Are you saying our phones follow us around too much? That we cannot escape them even at the beach? That we need to listen to the ocean’s roar and the bird-CALLS, instead? PS… thanks for liking my Parable. Looks like we both involve our feathered friends… to tell our stories with deeper meaning.

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    • Thank you for your wonderful deep comment….and yes, I really think we need to listen to the ocean’s roar… to find peace with ourselves and to remember our relationship with nature.

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  2. Saw this was at work, and wasn’t able to comment sooner! This is really fantastic. Beautifully dark and intriguing. I really do love it. Great work! ::smiles::


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  3. This is fantastic!
    I don’t like spending too much time in Photoshop and when I see images like this it makes think that it’s probably because I’m so useless with it! 🙂

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  4. Remember the movie – was it ‚Shirley Valentine‘? A table setting at the calm sea. This is a wild one! And how did you get the ‚Canada Geese‘ into your photo?

    Gefällt mir

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