77 thoughts on “Interruption.

    • Aww….thank you very much for reblogging some of my pictures…I’m really pleased, thanks again Manolis!! πŸ™‚


      • December 11, 2015, 15:25; Dear Josephine, NOW, I have found your generous access to your beautiful gallery of images! I have everything that I need. I intend to publish a feature on you and your work on December 13, 2013 at about 01:00 EST (NYNY time).
        Thank you so much. I hope you will be pleased with our coverage, You should know that I will feature just 8-10 images in this one publication.
        Thank you, Charles


      • Okay….I’ve just read this….so I don’t need to send you some pictures…thank you Charles, have a nice weekend! Best, Josephine.

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      • Hi Charles…and thank you so much, I’m really pleased and honoured! Of course you can reblog more of my pictures if you want! Thank you so much!
        Here’s a little tip: if you want to get more traffic on your blog, just have a look at the WordPress Reader. Here you can communicate with bloggers from around the world. Enjoy! Best greetings. Josephine.

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  1. Dear Zlemandhots, Did you recieve my invitation to feature you beautiful / unique work in a post of International Blogging? I would love to devote an I tire post to you.
    If you accept my invitation, we can display the images that you think represent your face to the world.
    (My best MD partner for 20 years was a woman native of and educated in Berlin: Kaethe Jentsch.) s/ Charles


    • Dear Charles,

      thank you for your invitation. I really feel honoured!

      At the moment, I am on a photo tour until saturday. On my return back home I will select some images and send to you via email.

      Thank you very much and best greetings from Munich!



      • It is a picture that draws you in. Not many do that. At first you don’t understand what the story is about. Then back up to the title “Interruption”, then back inside the photo, and see the blonde looking away… Very good. Very subtle.


      • Truuuue… I had not thought about it. I tend to write more than “snap” (pix). Soooo, I try to use words to convey emotions. In your case, the combination was perfect (Green with envy emoticon)


  2. This photograph draws in the viewer in so many ways. The colours are beautiful.


  3. as a wife and mother of three sons, i know what that is like, TV is always on to some sports activity


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