108 Gedanken zu “Tonight´s the Night at Chinatown, London.

  1. Such an engaging style! And my thanks as ever for your very kind likes on my posts „Circus (entrance)“, „Props storage room“ shown on my blog dispenza.wordpress.com
    Have a lovely week. Edoardo


  2. beautiful colors! Our entranceway to Chinatown here in Ottawa is much smaller, but still quite beautiful in its architecture


  3. I really love the sureal effect you bring to your shots leman! It’s always a priveledge to see such rare talent unfold!


    • Hi…and thanks for stopping by! This digital art composing is based on the entrance to Chinatown in London. I love the interesting and mystique atmosphere of this place and the special and delicious food… 😉

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      • Is that right? Been to London in July for ten days. Not enough time to go to Chinatown. Whereabouts is it? (Again, congrats for the composition)


      • Hopefully. Normally we go (back) to Paris every year. Plus another destination if time allows. Italy, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels. I’ve been wanting to tour the UK for a while, which could have been next year, but then Daughter #1 just got pregnant. 🙂 So we may have to shift our travel plans a bit. have a lovely week-end. Brian


  4. Fab photo! Forgive this question but how did you get the sky to look like that? I assume it was taken as is?


  5. This is a beautiful photograph and more importantly (to me) it made me laugh. It evokes a sense of mystery and anticipation (or is it anxiety). I know it is Chinatown, but the cloud under the arch reminds me of decorations I saw often when I lived in Korea.


    • Hi, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment! I often feel that sense of mystery when I visit Chinatown in London and so I got the inspiration for this image…


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