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  1. Woah! Amazing stuff! How do you do this, what is your philosophy behind this? You must teach me… I am verry verry… I can’t put this in words… it’s just one of the most beautifull kinds of creating pictures I have ever seen! ♡♡♡ You catched me! *-*

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  2. Remarkable capture. Beautiful sky, unusually varied railway wagons, great lighting on the corn, and a bicycle placed with precision…….lovely image with a classic feel.
    ….and I put completely out of my mind any suspicions that might have sneaked into my very small brain….


      • If it had been mine I wouldn’t have had the patience to wait for the bicycle and would have pasted it in from elsewhere…..

        …So I have, as a result, a suspicious nature…..!

        ….but I know that you would never do such a thing! LOL


      • Haha!…NEVER!! ;-)))))
        But the truth is that I was waiting for something special to take photos on that evening. But not for a cyclist on a field path! As the cyclist came into my frame I was a little angry. But at home again and checking my photos I was delighted about the mood in that picture. A fortunate coincidence…


      • My morals are more suspect, so I will sometimes ‚make‘ a picture for aesthetic reasons….you understand!
        The idea that the camera never lies is an alien notion…..

        Good fortune does, occasionally, smile upon me…

        By the way, I think that your photography is very fine indeed…..



  3. Thanks for taking interest in my blog ! I absolutely respect that an experienced blogger cares to go through the posts of an ammature. So could suggest tips in how could I increase my following and just keep blogging 🙂


    • I made the picture during a trip to the west of Munich. There are railways and highways between grain fields… I was not in a train but was standing on the top of our car to get more of the grain field.


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