63 Gedanken zu “Bend of the Rhine. Dusseldorf, Germany.

  1. English is too understated to express my awe*shock face* . Lemanshots you always exceed imagination 😀 . Awesome shot.


  2. Beautiful shot! Are you using a drone camera, or were you in a plane or helicopter? Thank you for sharing!


      • Wow! That is such a great shot. Hmmm…. good food, good view, great photos! It’s a win-win-win experience!


      • Do you have a photo from outside the restaurant? Just to see the hight from a ground view? I’d love to see it! Thank you!


      • I have postet a night shot here in my blog with a ground view of the Rhine tower on the 28th september 2014, the name of the post is „Apollo“. You can find it in the category „downtown portfolio“. But it’s from a distance and doesn’t give a impression of the height. Unfortunately I have no further pictures of this building. It’s really a impressive structure! 🙂

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  3. Wow, quite a U-turn! I suppose the cars we see exiting the bridge can say they’re both due east and due west of the Rhine (don’t know if that translates exactly but it ties my English-speaking brain in a knot, anyway 🙂 )


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