86 thoughts on “On the Bridge.

  1. Really nice, love the post-processing. Hello from your fellow blogger here in Munich…..Moni at Fritracht.com


  2. Fantastic! Such ‘British’ weather, with stereotypical looking ‘English man’ and London ‘hipster types’. This pic is a total work of art, it has everything!


    • Hi Nicola, glad you like the picture!πŸ™‚ I feel the same about London when I’m not there…miss the inspiring life of this fantastic place!


  3. Fantastic! I love the classic touch to this. Timeless. Reminds me very much of an image from a magazine from the 50s. An urbanite’s dream. Pure art!! All the best,

    Autumn Jade


  4. Must be the complete picture of mankind in one portrait: Gloom of dark clouds, hope of silver watery angels, sunshine on the path, bridges of freedom, love tugging reigns of a pets’ heart, upright demeanor of self-confidence, the history of the archaic bridge and the modernity of the high rising architectures.


  5. A classic street scene – aided by the light being darkened at the bottom plus darker sky element – clearly dictating how you want the viewer to observe your image –


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