89 thoughts on “After Midnight.

    • Thank you Cris! For this image I didn’t use any filter. The postprocessing in this case was a detailed and carefully treatment of the warm colours and lights in Photoshop and Lightroom using different brushes.


    • Thank you Mike, glad you like it! I always try to get a very sharp shot. For night photography it’s good to use a tripod to avoid noise and shaking. A sharp photo is a good basic for different kind of postprocessing to achieve the clarity I want.

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    • Thank you Marat! It’s not a difficult thing, for night photography you just need a tripod and find an interesting place. Search for places with many light sources – street lamps, illuminated shop windows….

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    • It is always better to use a tripod for night photography so you can work with a lower ISO value and a longer exposure. For this picture I didn’t use the HDR mode.


      • I don’t call it a ‘secret’ as everybody can use postprocessing tools. It’s up to each person in which style they find their fulfillment… πŸ˜‰


      • Post-processing itself is not a secret and it is perfectly fine to use. That is not what I meant. Your shot had a particular look. How did you achieve that? I see some potential challenges in your image, like the lamp, the sky, the colors of the houses. I am just curious how you achieved that look. Thank you.


      • It’s absolutely okay to be curious. πŸ˜‰
        But for me it’s really difficult to speak about the details of my workflow. When I create a special look I don’t have a defined workflow. Every photo has it’s own character and during postprocessing I try to work it out. Sometimes I spend hours just to find out what’s the best shade on a corner, a colour of a house or something like that. A lot of attempts and deletions. It is usually a mix of different effects I created that makes the particular look you mentioned. And that mix changes from case to case, from step to step. I always follow my inner colour instinct. There’s no other way.

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