68 Gedanken zu “In Piccadilly Circus, London.

  1. I really like this image. It evokes many things about this area of London. Did you take multiple images with the camera or merge images in processing? 🙂


    • Thank you! For this picture I worked with a tripod and a long exposure to get the blur from the cars passing by. I made some different shots and selected this one because I found it interesting, but didn’t merge with other pictures.

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  2. And the picture is great, as usual.

    Care to share how you get this HDR-not-quite-HDR effect, with the extra sharpness (but no graininess) and contrast?


    • I’m glad you like it, thank you! I use Lightroom for noise reduction, but there was not so much noise in this picture because I used a tripod. Using a tripod you can reduce the ISO value (what also reduces the noise) and use a slow shutter speed and change the aperture value.

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  3. „And a foreign student said to me
    Is it really true
    they got elephants and lions too
    In Piccadilly Circus?“

    Jethro Tull, in the song „Cross-eyed Mary“, from the „Aqualung“ album


    • Hi Gary, that’s really interesting – I just found out that the „Ghosts of Piccadilly“ is an audio book with a lot of historical informations about people and buildings in Piccadilly. I will listen to it as soon as I have time. Thank you!


  4. I just love your work. It’s inspired me to write. …
    Metal on metal – gleaming cold chrome- where is my soul, where flies my soul?
    This just came to me in the first few seconds of looking at your picture and seeing that drift of soft white light that seems to catch the eye of the person in the photo on the bus. I also can’t get that clock picture of the London street out of my mind. I’m noodling on that one. Thanks so much! It’s been a long time since something has inspired me like this. Hope you like my words.


    • Dear Kathryne, thanks so much for your lovely words! I appreciate your thoughts very much. Your words are a big motivation for me!


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