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  1. I remember bus No.9. I think it was a London No.9 but it could have been Reading. Ah, that’s it, I remember now, London No.9 drives through Covent Garden, Reading No.9 drives past the Abbey ruins. Both have connotations. Both are clouds.

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      • What version of Photoshop do you have? It has the ability to make a stunning 32 bit file for much more shadow detail: You take one under exposed, one exposed normally and one over exposed shot. The program converts it to a 32 bit shot with tons of darness definition, resolution and 16 million colors!

        I’m planning to make more star pictures, using this teqnique to capture more stars, as well as using a 24 mm lens at 3200 ISO, even further out-of-town. They should be awsome!

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      • So you’re in ‚Darkroom Heaven.‘ Sounds evil but bare with me. Do you have a camera and a tripod?

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      • That’s better than my camera :O( I’m going to take a close up of myself falling from a building… Just as long as I preserve the camera. That’s the important thing! LOL! Interesting we can share our capture techniques and such… There are things you could teach me. And I’m all ears :O)

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      • Interesting! I wonder what more is in your bag of tricks… Looking forward to reading you more often, and maybe, just maybe I’ll find out. Thank you for your relys Lemanshots… Much appreciated!

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    • I also spent some evenings at Londons busy streets, waiting for the fantastic red and lightful double-decker buses to make some light trails…and then eagerly waited for watching the results on the computer! ;-))

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  2. Chciałbym tylko napisać że bardzo mi się podoba to zdjęcie. Kompozycja i uchwycenie momentu.
    I would just like to write that I really like this photo. The composition and capturing the moment 🙂

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