98 Gedanken zu “Night birds.

  1. This is such a special photograph, beautifully done! I love the atmosphere in it! Covent Garden is my favourite place in London and this is my favourite photo of it! Thank you.


      • Do come back soon, maybe we can meet there for coffee 🙂


      • Aww….that would be great! I miss London so much! Currently I make our travel plans for 2016 and the plan is to be in London sometime in March. I’ll give you a message when the date is fixed! Josephine


  2. I showed my son who is an artist/video game animator/painter and told him as I told you this looks as if it was painted rather than photographed. That’s supposed to be a compliment. Night shots are very iffy propositions as I’m sure you are aware. Even professional camera persons working with actors and actresses have difficulties with night shots. You are exceptional!


    • I love to make night shots and I try to practise it as often as possible. So I get more and more experience…
      I’m so delighted by your words, thank you so much!!

      Gefällt 1 Person

    • I was lucky because the place was well illuminated, so I didn’t need to increase the ISO value so much. I’m glad you like the picture, thank you so much!


      • Likewise looking forward to sun! 😀 In Mostar, temperature also has dropped. The trees & flowers got confused! 😀


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