41 thoughts on “Waiting man.

  1. I really like how well you’ve mapped out your Blog! I also can’t resist black and white photography if it’s done well… I really enjoy ‘Vibrant Nights’!! Might I steal a copy?


    • I’m glad you like my work, thank you so much Spartacus! May I ask for what purpose you want a copy of ‘Vibrant Nights’? Kind regards, Josephine.

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      • Yes. You may ask… I like the star effects on the lights! I like to collect certain pictures of various Bloggers for my Desktop, so I can be reminded of who they are and their achievements. Since I own one of the best cameras ever made, and the first full frame 35 mm DSLR, I also like to compare post raw image workmanship (tweaking) made within such processing programs as Photoshop… Techniques vary from person to person and expand my knowledge base that way as well, not to mention composition etc.. If you’d rather not, that’s fine too. I won’t be offended.


  2. Love the composition – feeling of tallness in the buildings behind and the man in the foreground looks so natural in his environment.


    • That’s what I feel when I walk through the streets, it seems to me like a inevitable part of our life as you said.


  3. Lovely picture! Saw you liked my blog thanks for that! I started following you!:)


    • Yes, that certain casualness combined with a feeling of sorrow…
      I’m glad you like the picture, thanks for commenting Cat!!


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