88 thoughts on “The Wind Lovers.

  1. Amazing! Your work is incredible overall. Truly original and unique – the real deal where others only pretend and dabble. Seriously. Awesome. I could spend all day here. —Chagall


  2. Hat dies auf pens, pencils and paint rebloggt und kommentierte:
    This brings back many happy memories and I love the image created by this clever photographer (sadly not me this time!!)

    We get a lot of strong breezes here on top of the hill and I often tried to fly a kite with my little girl and often failed. The kite festival at Weymouth has been great fun too in the past.

    As a child flying kites in Northamptonshire too was wonderful. This picture is so nostalgic for happy days and full of dreams of summer and lazing around and picnics. Just lovely.


    • Awww…thanks a lot for your lovely and thoughtful comment!! I love kites… I often tried to fly a kite when I was a child but sometimes I failed because there were some kite-eating trees around! ;-D

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  3. You are an excellent Photographist! The positioning of the kites, the rustic look at the bottom, the sepia tones, the swirling clouds, all add to the theme of the shot: Freedom…


  4. You really do amazing work, this image in particular is just incredible. πŸ™‚


  5. This is a general impression on my part: your photos this year are more dramatic than last year.

    On Mon, Mar 9, 2015 at 10:58 AM, lemanshots – Fine Pictures and Digital Art


    • Hi Steffen, I’m surprised and very pleased that you noticed the change in my work. I love some kind of dramatic touch at images as long as it’s not too much…;-))


  6. When I first saw this picture (a smaller version on the WP Reader), I thought the concrete ball was the head of a child — the child flying the kites. A nice trompe d’oeil. Was it intentional?

    The leaf at top center looks like a small kite, too.

    Actually, the entire set of branches at the top looked like an upside down mountain to me, at first.

    I am not hallucinating. It’s just that when I first look at a picture, I like to let my eyes wander all over it and make this kind of “mistake”. This only adds to the fun when I look more carefully.

    The sky is glorious.

    A masterpiece. Congratulations.


  7. Wonderful sepia composition. The old game with flying dragons, so they called here in Deutschland, in combination with the old stony balustrade. 👍


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