89 Gedanken zu “Heat.

  1. Does it show that industrialisation and urbanisation is the cause behind land degradation, global warming and like? Or did I get it wrong again!? lol
    Anyway, your work is wonderful…


  2. Attempting to portray the idea of heat using black and white is a challenging proposition. But you have accomplished this very well, through the use of texture in the „terrain“ and the surreal effect of the sky. Well done.


  3. Wirklich schön gemacht…das Bild braucht den Titel eigentlich nicht sondern kommt im Kopf gleich mit Titel an…es sollte berühmt werden…


  4. Love this. Shows an apparent feeling of separation from what should be an all inclusive wonderful metropolis.


  5. A wonderful image – though, perhaps as I have been reading about it this weekend, it makes me think of the future and how climate change could change our landscapes! 🙂


    • I agree with you, the change of climate is a theme that moves us all because some effects are sure no longer avoidable. Thanks for commenting Peggy! 🙂

      Gefällt 1 Person

    • Thank you Alix!! I often have ideas of some image and composition, not everything can be realized, but I’m willing to try… 😉


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