89 Gedanken zu “Distance.

  1. Well titled too! It can be hard to find a title—in juxtaposing word and image there are always interesting considerations.


  2. Dein ganzer Blog ist einfach WOW! Ich hab‘ schon lange nicht so schöne Fotos gesehen! Mach noch bitte mehr Posts von München, immer wenn ich in München bin weiss ich nicht genau was ich mir anschauen soll, hehe
    Schön Gruß aus Slowenien, Žiga!


  3. What a great shot. I love the tonal quality you’ve created. Takes me right back to the early days when I took the tube each day to London Bridge. Brilliant 🙂


  4. Hi Lemanshots, You have beautiful images. I love the formula that you create between the grain and polish. It has me rather intrigued over your techniques that you have used.


  5. The repeating curved cabins and the receding overhead tunnel made for a nice off-screen vanishing point. It also reminds me of how tight the interior spaces are on London’s tube trains.


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