96 Gedanken zu “Silence in Motion.

  1. Your approach to photography is making me pause for thought. The heavy filtering is very effective. I love dark images and this is another impressive viewpoint and subject selection. I tend to think more creatively in post processing, but here you are thinking creatively in the camera, something that I rarely have success with. I’m so pleased to have visited your blog. Thanks for visiting mine.


  2. I LOVE this! I have a fascination with light/dark contrasts, black/white, people and streets! True story. Beautiful work! I’d buy it! ❤️


  3. Love. This. I’m really enjoying your work! Many thanks for visiting my new blog, I’m honoured & grateful ☺ Peace, love and light, jules


  4. Wunderschön! Vielleicht könntest du ja mal deine Tipps zum Fotografieren schreiben oder zu den Bildern dazuschreiben, wie du es aufgenommen hast bzw. auch wie du es bearbeitet hast, ist nur so eine Idee, weil deine Fotos immer wundervoll sind! 🙂


  5. Wow! Blur motion usually doesn’t „do it“ for me but the way this contrasts with the sitting couple adds feeling to the image. It really grabs you.


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