48 thoughts on “The London Eye.

  1. Hey i seen you had stumbled across my newly made site and liked a picture, so i thought i would come over for a visit to check out some of your work and glad i did! WOW you have some absolutely amazing images to say the least.
    I love this one personally! the colours coming from the london eye are just fantastic (although i do love the colour blue lol :P)

    Keep up the absolutely amazing work and i look forward to seeing more it.

    Kind Regards,



    • Hi Ben, thank you very much for your feedback, I’m glad you like the pics! The London Eye is always a good motif for night photography and I really enjoyed that moment. Thanks for stopping by my blog, wish you the best with yours! Take care. Josephine.


  2. Oh Mann ich beneide dich! Zwar habe ich gefühlte 2 Stunden gebraucht, um mich zu überwinden damit zu fahren… aber der Blick auf eine so tolle Stadt ist es definitiv wert! LG


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